Aeroseal Global - Sealing Process

1- Preparation & deployment
2- Pre-sealing preparation of the duct-work
3- Testing & detecting air leakage in the duct-work
4- Sealing the duct-work
5- Post sealing test of air leakage & certification
6- End Result
A very efficient ventilation system that will help you save energy, increase comfort and increase the lifecyle of your equipments.

Ask This Old House Featuring Aeroseal

Aeroseal is featured on Ask This Old House.

Originally aired during the week of March 20th, 2014 on PBS.

HVAC expert Richard Tretheway does a great job of informing viewers about an issue that many home owners don’t know they have.

Aeroseal Global - Animation - (514) 907-9009

Aeroseal-Global offers a duct sealing process that helps home owners save on their heating/cooling bill, increase comfort and air quality and increase air flow to areas of the house where there’s a lack of ventilation.

Kavanagh Industries: AeroSeal Demo

Kavanagh Industries setup alongside AeroSeal an afternoon to demo their duct sealing solution. Aeroseal is the revolutionary system that uses the escaping air to transport a sealing polymer right to where it is needed. Watch this video to see how it works.

Aeroseal on the TodayShow 3 26 13 942AM

Aeroseal duct sealing was featured in March 2013 on the TODAY show as one of the top ways to reduce allergens and improve indoor air quality. Guest spot featured home improvement expert Lou Manfredini. Aeroseal is an innovative technology that seals ducts from inside/out to help improve indoor air quality, increase comfort and reduce energy bills.



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