About Aeroseal Global

Montreal's Certified Duct Sealing Specialist

We are a company specializing in the sealing of ventilation ducts and commercial, industrial and institutional building envelopes. Our process we use is a technology / process (patented) for sealing from inside the ventilation duct networks or the enclosure. This approach thus makes it possible to avoid long and costly measures for sealing.

AEROSEAL and AEROBARRIER GLOBAL allows a reduction of approximately 90% -98% of the leakage / air loss rate of the ventilation duct network and is capable of sealing a building envelope up to 0.2 ACH50. This equates to savings between 20% and 40% on the energy bill related to heating / cooling.

Ventilation network and waterproof envelope
This increases thermal comfort, energy efficiency and air quality.

Application speed
The process is very interesting also by its sealing speed..

Energetic efficiency
Reduces heat losses due to duct air leaks.

Improving air quality is another advantage of the technology. The waterproofing resin, which has no adverse effect on health has already been applied to hospitals, universities and office towers..

Our clients include: McGill University, CIUSSS East Island, Municipal Office of Housing Quebec, several engineering firms and property managers..

Currently Energy (Gaz Métro) grants subsidies for our sealing operations through nanotechnology..

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